Who are we

ponto no i was born from a typical Portuguese expression: “pôr os pontos nos i’s” which is equivalent to the English phrase “to dot the i‘s and cross the t’s.”



Isaac Alfaiate and Inês Abrantes.


We are an actor and a personal trainer who share the same passion for sports. When we created this brand, we decided to give it our personal touch, starting with the name of the brand which is a call-out to the initial letter we share in our first names.

The idea for ponto no i came from the desire to combine our work areas — fashion and sports — to create unique pieces that are suitable to anyone and can be worn in both an urban or a sports context.

Our brand image are the circles that stand for the dot on every i. We want our designs to really make a difference, so we created a different dotted-pattern to feature on each piece, be it on a single pocket, a strap or a side-stripe, making it unique and marked by an asymmetry.

We value resources that are available in our own country, which is why we work with a local company to produce our textiles. Being deeply aware of the effects of the pandemic, we joined forces with family-owned businesses to make ponto no i come to life. We work with companies that respect the environment and the people they work with. And finally, we use sustainable materials for all elements of our packaging.

ponto no i

From Isaac and Inês to you.